Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Passover Seder to remember...

Wow, a night after leaving the rock concert that was President Obama at the al-Faw Palace, I was back in the same neighborhood for a Passover Seder.

It's a good thing the President came Tuesday and not Wednesday, or the Seder probably would have been canceled.

There were 40 Jews in attendance, all from various military branches and civilian contractors were there too. The Army, of course had the most military representatives. Interestingly, I sat between a female Jewish 1st Lt. of the Marines and the only Mormon at the Seder.

I can't say for sure the Seder from last night was as 'Hollywood' as the one I attended while at Fort Jackson last year. I met Paul Reubens, the actor famous for creating the Pee Wee Herman character there.

But, I really enjoyed assembling 'the unofficial' U.S. Military Yiddish Dictionary last night.
It took me a lot of chutzpah to come up with this list, and I hope it doesn't seem like a bunch of dreck. I will share some of the words, but not all of them, because then I might sound like a schmoe. I hope not to hear a lot of kavetching later on.

Putz, klutz, schlep, schmutz, faklempt, farmischt, tucus, meshuganah, mench, schmuck, schmeckle, schpiel, megila, noch, chatzke, cockamamie, schtetl, oy vey, oy gezalt, schmear, zaideh, bubby, and if you remember Laverne & Shirley, you might recall schlemeel and schlemazzle.

By the way, I heard the gefilte fish was pretty tasty, they ran out before I had a chance to eat any.

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