Saturday, August 1, 2009

Going against the traffic...

So far so good. Vacation is coming up and it seems to be the right fit at the right time. I'm feeling a little burnout lately. I'm anxious to see my daughter and see how tall she has gotten. Can't wait for the 12th to come around so we are all together. I have plans for us to spend a few nights in a rainforest in Mindo, Ecuador. Hoping to go hiking, see nature, rest, kayak, rest some more and get in some good family time. Also, hoping to take my father n' law to some Soccer games in Quito.

I've been incredibly fortunate in my job duties so far as I detailed before, but I may not have explained some of the fringe benefits that have accompanied the night shift.

Working at night and sleeping during the day means I'm going against the traffic to the gym, bathroom, laundry, internet cafe and dining facility. With less people around, things can be more pleasant. Cleanliness and ambience are those subtle factors which make the nightshift such a fortunate experience.

The dining facility for midnight chow is much less noisy, I can hear the tv that is on in there and it's primetime in the U.S. so I may catch some live sports events.

When I get off shift, the bathrooms have just been cleaned and the gym has fresh towels for workouts. Also, there is always a computer available at the internet cafe.

The greatest benefit, though, may be that I don't have to deal with the 115 degree daytime heat because I'm usually asleep with the A/C on.

The small community on the night shift has also meant an opportunity to make new friends. I have made some great buddies, who are working as media analysts (contractors) alongside our unit in public affairs. Unfortunately, there time here is drawing to a close and they are moving on. These media analysis contractors I'm referring to, Tim, Bill, Matt, Scott and Ricardo are either leaving or going to Victory Camp. I'm hoping for Victory Camp so I have somewhere to visit in my final months here.

Good luck guys, and I hope we see each other sometime in the States. It's been fun, we've had great conversations.