Friday, March 27, 2009

Brothers in Arms...

Every day I am reminded of my army brethren from the 211th, and their importance in my life, as we work together on a common goal to tell the stories of other Army brethren. Was that too many brethren in one sentence? But, that's the idea. Everyone works together as brothers and sisters. No mission is ever completed by one Soldier without the help of many other Soldiers.

At night, I am reminded of brethren, in a different way. I fall asleep every night to the same movie playing, "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" It is brotherhood of a different sort.

"Two weeks from everywhere, this place is some sort of geographical oddity," might have referred to Camp Liberty, but it's just part of the humor in the story that keeps me chuckling as I find the best position to tuck myself in under the cover and rest my head and eyes on my pillow.

"Damn, we're in a tight spot" can be heard on more than a few occasions in the movie, and thank goodness, it's not heard often on Camp Liberty.

Finding the subconscious, entering a dream state and getting to rapid eye movement is always more enlightening with something cheerful and fun to listen to.
Hearing background noise of the Soggy Bottom Boys singing or other songs from the movie sink me into a deep sleep. I have to thank my roommate Spc. Soles for introducing the movie to me and letting me borrow it. I'll probably have thoroughly worn it out by the end of the tour, so I need to find a new copy at some point.

I'd much prefer to be in the comforts of my own bed with my wife next to me and my daughter near-by in the next room over, but at least I've found something that helps keep my mind off of becoming too homesick when bedding down for the night.