Friday, January 23, 2009

Living the Dream...

As Sgt. Zoeller reminds me from time to time, we are living the dream. So, what does 'living the dream' mean? It is a phrase that each Army Soldier defines for him/her self.

Sgt. Risner says he has said it plenty of times, but he says, "I've never really given it any thought to what it means!"

Sgt. Burrell has used the phrase often and says it means to him that he is "living what people are dreaming about".

It is a great phrase to say to anyone of higher rank than you when they ask you how you're doing. Generally, it captures the moment.

So, now I have made it a little bit of a habit. How ya doing Spc. Alperin?, "living the dream, Sgt./First Sgt./Mam/Sir, living the dream."

Sgt. Zoeller expresses it well by saying that it means "I'm not sitting in a cubicle, I'm not picking up trash, and I'm not doing taxes."

Sgt. Zoeller says he stole 'living the dream' from Sgt. Taylor. Sgt. Taylor says for him the phrase 'Living the dream' replaced another catchy Army response to the question of how ya' doing, 'phenomenal'.

Anyway you look at it, while in the Army, 'Living the dream' is an optimistic outlook on your day.

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1SG Martinez said...

Spc. Alperin, just so you know, for me, "living the dream" means being with Soldiers- America's sons and daughters, making sacrifices for each other and for their values.

Today "I'm living the dream!"