Tuesday, December 9, 2008

News and Notes...

The first all Specialist (Spc.) meeting was held December 6th at the EZ motel. All Specialists were present with the exception of Specialist Mitchell. We looked for you Spc. Mitchell, but, apparently, you were incognito or indecently exposed.

The meeting went off without a hitch. The agenda included picking officers and then following up with 'how you feel' questions.

Toilet paper was used in order to distinguish who's turn it was to talk. Spc. Logue said, "Let's roll with it!" The teepee took the place of the shield.

Spc. Anderson was elected President of the all Specialist club, with Spc. Soles elected as Treasurer and Spc. Alperin elected as scribe. Spc. Soles plans on watching carefully how much money is spent on tips when we go out to eat.

With regard to the question of how specialists are treated, there were varied responses. Spc. Anderson said, "I have to prove myself around people who don't know me." Spc. Anderson, later in the meeting, could be heard saying, "They need to know when to take our advice!"

When referring to the role of Specialist in Iraq, Spc. Soles said, Specialists do the grunt work. They are the gatherers who find and document.

Spc. Fardette added some wisdom as well, saying, "Ask not what you can do for your sergeants, ask what they can do for you!"

The clandestine specialist motto was created during this meeting and all the specialists who attended the first all specialist meeting ended up at Rudy's for spectacular Texas Bar-b-que. It was a night to remember.

Spc. Alperin summed things up well, "The great thing about this meeting is that no matter what you say, if you start your sentence with the first word as Specialist, your golden."


SSG Burrell said...

Go get some black parachutes!

LT Douglas said...

I love reading all of your stories! Too funny!